Comprehensive Prostate Cancer Clinic

Complete Prostate Cancer Care Provided by Trusted Specialists​​

The physicians at the Urology Center provide a full spectrum of urological care that includes prostate cancer screening and curative treatment. In addition, we have developed a specialized program, the Comprehensive Prostate Cancer Clinic (CPCC), to provide innovative treatment in the event that advanced prostate cancer is detected.

The Highest Standards of Care for Advanced Prostate Cancer

At the CPCC, we cater to the unique needs of patients with advanced prostate cancer. Here we offer the latest treatment available and adhere to the highest standards set by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network and the American Urological Association. All plans are individually customized in order to provide our patients and their families with the best possible therapies for their situation.

As a patient at the CPCC, you are cared for by your own nurse navigator and treatment team. They provide you and your family with support, help with scheduling and appointments and guide you through the process with the assurance you deserve.

We work closely with you to file the appropriate insurance paperwork, as well as help obtain grant and assistance funding if needed to complete your physician-directed therapies. Our close relationships with local oncology groups are helpful in making a smooth transition if additional oncological care is needed.

Innovative Treatments for Advanced Prostate Cancer

At the CPCC, our board-certified urologists provide state-of-the-art treatment plans that have proved to be successful in adding both quality of life and years to the lives of patients with advanced prostate cancer.

These new treatment options do not rely on chemotherapy. Instead, some therapies target hormone production and hormone receptors to inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells. Others boost the patient’s immune system, causing it to attack and reduce the cancer cells. The side effects of these treatments are minimal and mild – and some people experience no side effects.

Providing a Personalized Plan of Care

The physicians at The Urology Center have developed our CPCC program based on the latest prostate cancer guidelines. In adherence with these standards, we create a personalized plan that cares for the person and treats the cancer in the most effective way possible.

As part of this personalized plan, each patient is partnered with a dedicated nurse navigator and team of specialists. They are here to guide patients throughout the process with compassion and expertise.

VIDEO: Dr. Davies on Prostate Cancer

Dr. Davies provides an overview of the potential risk factors, symptoms, practices for diagnosing and procedures used to treat prostate cancer.

RESOURCES: Urology Care Foundation

Check out these resources about non-metastatic (nmCRPC) and metastatic (mCRPC) castration-resistant prostate cancer from the Urology Care Foundation.

About Prostate Cancer and Advanced Prostate Cancer

Upon discovery, prostate cancer that appears to be contained within the prostate and has no signs of spreading elsewhere is typically treated with radiation therapy or surgery. Throughout the curative treatment process, your urology surgeon will monitor the prostate cancer and your PSA levels to ensure that the cancer has been eradicated.

In some cases, curative treatment options are unsuccessful in containing the disease and advanced prostate cancer occurs, meaning evidence of cancer remains or has spread to other areas within the pelvis or bone.

The Urology Center addresses the needs of patients with advanced prostate cancer through a specialized program of care at our CPCC, where the latest advancements in treatment have been successful in adding both quality of life and years to the lives of our patients.

The CPCC Is Here for You

The CPCC is located in the Urology Center at 105 S. 90th St. If you have questions or need assistance, including a pharmacy medication refill, please contact your nurse navigator at 402-397-9800.